Rent Commercial Trucks in Davenport

At Twin Bridges Truck City, we lease and rent side dump trailers, tractors, and straight trucks. We offer Full Service Leasing, Commercial Truck Rentals, and Contract Maintenance and are proud to be affiliated with the Mack Leasing program. Contact us or call us at 877-895-4684.

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Full Service Leasing

Our lease programs are custom tailored to your specific needs.  We work with you to develop exact vehicle specifications that will provide maximum productivity and develop a package of services that conforms to your operation.  Rather than force you into a prefabricated inflexible contract, we design our lease agreement around your custom requirements. Contact us or call us at 877-895-4684.

Commercial Truck Rentals

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Our new state-of-the-art rental fleet is equipped with premium features like fuel-efficient engines, air conditioning, and stereo radios.  All are backed by our excellent service department and minimum downtime.  Our combination of new, premium trucks, outstanding service, and very competitive rates give you the best truck rental value in the Quad City area. Contact us or call us at 877-895-4684

Contract Maintenance

If you prefer to own your heavy duty trucks, but still wish to take advantage of the comprehensive package of services available to full service lease customers without truck rentals, a contract maintenance agreement with us can provide you with predictable and controllable maintenance expenses.  These are 90 day to 1-year renewable contracts. Contact us or call us at 877-895-4684.

Looking for a Full Maintenance Lease?

We are the dealer for every piece of equipment we lease. That means we know and understand. We know what the equipment will do and how to specify the proper equipment to do the job for you most efficiently and at the best overall cost.

We sell and service trucks, tractors, and trailers.  We can specify for you the exact equipment you need, not a generic spec that another leasing company’s home office bought to try to make work for the whole country.

Our service department has factory trained mechanics that know how to repair our equipment.  They not only have a theory, they work on the same type of equipment day in and out which means they are familiar with the situations that arise and can repair them correctly in the least amount of time. Contact us or call us at 877-895-4684.

Affiliated with the Mack Leasing System

Our affiliation with the Mack Leasing System gives us the ability to take advantage of a nationwide network while still retaining decision making at the local level.

It gives us the capability to service our lease customers anywhere in the country with a single 800 telephone number.  With this number, your driver will be directed to the nearest repair facility meeting Mack Leasing System standards.

Mack Leasing System is constantly updating its services to help us serve you better. Contact us or call us at 877-895-4684 today!

Mack Leasing System

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